About Us

INKitZ design with purpose

A unique online software solution for customizing products that is designed to meet the purpose of clients specific needs for automation, integration, functionality and branding.

INKitZ in the beginning

Our first client was 3dASAP Promotional Solutions, a print and promotional products company that serves primarily nonprofit organizations. 3dASAP knew that an off the shelf program would not serve their unique market in the most effective way, so they asked the itzWARE team to develop INKitZ.

Most nonprofit organizations have a large number of small offices in strategic locations in order to best serve their communities. With a huge need to express a powerful message in a professional way, these offices are often faced with no design staff to develop effective marketing pieces, limited knowledge of vector artwork, print methods or other important pieces to produce quality products. In addition to these challenges, the locations are highly price sensitive and typically need very small quantities of items.

Even with the marketing, design, industry knowledge and a sincere desire to serve nonprofits, from their beginning in 2002, 3dASAP faced a huge challenge in remaining a viable business if they continued to provide advertising agency service for small, infrequent projects from such a large customer base. 3dASAP has focused on incremental and effective technology solutions along the way; however it was time for a quantum leap; INKitZ is the solution to making this a reality.

INKitZ the future is bright

INKitZ is an effective solution for print and promotional industry service providers to reduce cost and expand their customer base. Especially with our current economic situation, INKitZ lets you do more with less.

The next phase of development is already underway. Increased functionality, additional product options and strategic supplier relationships allowing for lower minimum purchases helps our clients provide better service to their end users. Make a quantum leap your reality. inquiry@INKitz.com